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Mental Stimulation and Aging

Most seniors become isolated and immobile because of weakening bodies and the lack of work or personal responsibilities are slowing down. Perhaps you have as companion a TV where you watch regular programming, but you can have health problems and loneliness if you only rely on entertainment. IF your loved one lives all by himself and you are concerned that he is not having enough mental stimulation, then it is important for you to consider bringing him to a retirement home. They can meet people and do activities that are scheduled regularly and not just be confined to watching TV and reading books. With people and activities, your senior loved one will live a full and balanced life as he grows older.

What then are the benefits of mental stimulation in a continuing care retirement community.

A calendar full of activities will give you loved one a sense of independence and purpose. Your loved one will get mentally stimulated with these weekly activities and will help keep him focused on the positive aspects of his life and will feel a sense of accomplishment and independence. Many options are offered to seniors in a retirement home so that they can live comfortably. In a retirement home, your senior loved one can take part in daily activities or weekly events as much or as little as your desire.

Watching TV is one-sided since the screen characters cannot have relations with you. If you are in the presence of peers, then you can share experiences as you go through the same stages in life and you can have a more enjoyable experience creating new memories with your new friends. You senior loved one can feel confident and supported in their daily life with new friendships. There are many benefits that can greatly improve physical and mental health if there is laughter, enjoyment and experiencing new things with friends.

Stasis can result when someone is in isolation. Alone, you will not be able to motivate yourself to get moving. If you put your elderly loved one in a retirement home, then he can experience great physical benefit because of being able to take part in group activities, scheduled outings, and taking advantage of the facilities offered here. If he does regular exercise in the facility, then it can lead to increased strength, enhanced mood, and improve his overall well being. This can result in more energy and better health.

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